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H.E.A.T Blend

H.E.A.T Blend

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H - Hip Hop

E - Education

A - Art

T - Technology

H.E.A.T. is a music arts program aimed at introducing students to music production

equipment while exploring the world of Hip-hop art and culture. Through Beat Making workshops, group production exercises designed for critical thinking, and team building practices, the H.E.A.T program will be fun for all involved.


From old school to new Hip-hop and technology go hand and hand. H.E.A.T participants will get an hands on experience with professional production



Sampling is an art form. It is also the foundation in Hip-hop production. Students will learn the Vocabulary , Science and Math that it takes to chop the perfect sample and to make their

own beats!


The H.E.A.T. program aims to educate and promote Hip-hop culture in a open and creative format that will allow students to express themselves creatively, while also providing a positive and interactive musical outlet. Having a better understanding of hip-hop music, students will explore the culture as a whole and how Hip-hop has built opportunities beyond music. From film, literature, social media, and movies. Hip-hop is everywhere.

H.E.A.T. Creations L.L.C.

This specialty blend of Brazil, Colombian, & Ethiopian coffees is chosen for the flavors and is blended to give you the best cups of coffee in the morning.

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Green Apple, Graham Cracker

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